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Combat Warrior Outfitters


  • 1.1 million officially disabled veterans have physical injuries that make archery a difficult endeavor.

  • Even more veterans suffer from post-traumatic stress (PTS).

  • Archery and bowhunting are physically and mentally demanding sports that bring focus and a sense of achievement that go further than pill prescriptions.


We plan to hold archery retreats once a month from February to May, and twice in September 2023. Archery retreats will include:

  • A multi-day all-inclusive hunting retreat experience, at no cost to veteran participants.

  • Free use of archery equipment and rifles customized for the shooters injuries.

  • Custom fitment and archery instruction from Archery professionals.

  • A professionally guided exotic game hunt at any one of 3 locations in West Texas or Western Louisiana.

  • Fireside resiliency chats with our executive Director, Mike Hagen.

  • 5 days of fellowship and comradery in a relaxing and challenging environment, away from daily life stressors.


CWO is partnered with Wallhangers outdoors for archery system outfitting and pro staff instruction. We also partner with H&S Ranch and Alpha Outfitters for venue support.

We are a registered vendor with The Department of Veterans Affairs, and we rely mainly on private donations from individuals and organizations who care about our mission.


Our mission is to advance the benefits of adaptive archery and bowhunting in the veteran community to combat Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) and show disabled veterans that they are never out of the fight!

Meet the Team

Michael Hagen
CEO & Founder

Hagen Douchebag.jpg
  • 100% Disabled Veteran with 14 Years of active-duty service in the U.S. Army culminating as the 3rd Brigade 10th Mountain Division Targeting Officer

    • 2x Combat Deployments (Iraq 2008-2009, 2010-2012)​

    • Numerous training and support missions around the world

    • Training in resilience and suicide prevention

  • Owner and Operator of H&S Ranch

    • Lifelong hunter and outdoorsman​

  • Current Contractor with the DoD serving as a Senior Fires Advisor and Subject Matter Expert​​​​

Sean Walden
CFO & Co-Founder

  • West Point Graduate, B.S. Business Management (2018)

  • Current Active Duty Field Artillery Officer

  • Finance and business management experience

  • Responsible for grant-writing and donor relations at CWO

Joshua Gross
IT Manager

Joshua Gross.jpg
  • Disabled Combat Veteran with 12 years of active service in the U.S. Army

    • 2x Combat Deployments (Afghanistan 2009-2010, 2011-2012)​

    • 1x Support Deployment (Iraq 2015)

  • Purdue Global University Graduate, B.S. Cybersecurity (2022)​

  • Current Network and Security Operations Specialist at Veterans Guardian VA Claim Consulting

  • Responsible for IT management, security, governance, and compliance

Daniel Skinner
Relationship and Experience Manager

Skinner Podium.jpg
  • Active duty U.S. Army 1SG with 18 years of experience

    • 3x Combat Deployments (Iraq 2005 - 2006, Afghanistan 2010 - 2011)​

    • 1x Support Deployment (Afghanistan 2022)

  • Purple Heart recipient​

  • Discovered the joys and rewards of being an outdoorsman and avid rifle and archery hunter through the Purple Heart community

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